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New Jersey is a fireplace state. That means chimneys – a whole lot of chimneys – and many of those are made from masonry. These chimneys can degrade over time and require repair or replacement – depending on how long they’ve needed attention. Heat and smoke and the chemicals that fill it, can do a number on masonry if left untreated, so it’s important to have your chimney inspected every year to ensure you never have to face replacement.

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Keep Your Home Safe With Our Complete Chimney Inspections

Our professionals will save you the time and trouble of ensuring your chimney and fireplace are correctly cared for. In addition to providing affordable and competitive rates, we provide superior customer service. Each of our customers will receive our 17-point inspection that will help you stay on top of your chimney’s condition and alert you of any repairs that it may need. Our experts will provide you with a detailed inspection sheet to inform you of any needed repairs. We also offer off-season chimney and heater flue inspections and cleanings.

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